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Of the Arachnida or spider poisons used in medicine, I shall call your attention to the following:

1. Mygale lasiodora.

2. Lycosa tarentula.

3. Tarentula Cubensis.

4. Aranea diadema.

5. Aranea scinencia.

6. Theridion curassavicum.

The action of the drugs in this group is a two-fold one; they all poison the blood, and they all act prominently on the nervous system producing spasmodic diseases, as chorea and hysteria. Among other nervous symptoms produced by them, are anxiety, trembling, great restlessness, oversensitiveness and nervous prostration.

Most of the spider poisons develop a constitutional state or dyscrasia, rendering them useful in chronic and deep-seated diseases.

Taking up the study of these drugs SERIATIM, we come first to the MYGALE LASIODORA.