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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington


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The order of plant we shall study today is the ARACEAE, or, more correctly speaking, the AROIDEAE. The plants in this group all contain in more or less quantity, an acrid principle in their juices. The DIFFENBACHIA, when taken into the mouth, produces a perfectly frightful stoma-cace; the mouth is covered with a yellowish-white membrane; ulcers form in and about the mouth. This drug was proved by one of the students of this College. Since then, it has been used in the treatment of violent forms of stomacace.

We have as members of this order to consider, ARUM TRIPHYLLUM, ARUM DRACONTIUM, CALADIUM SEGUINUM, POTHOS FOETIDUS, ACORUS (of which we know but little or nothing), and the DIFFENBACHIA.