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I have one or two symptoms of Ammonium phosphoricum to give you. It has been successfully used in the treatment of constitutional gout when there are nodes or concretions in the joints. It is not to be used for the acute symptoms, not for the twinges of pain, but when the disease has become systemic, and when concretions of urate of soda appear in the joints. The worst case of this kind I ever saw was that of a man who had been bedridden fifteen years. He showed me a box which was filled with these concretions, which he had picked out of his joints. They varied in size and looked like lumps of chalk. Some of these same concretions could be seen under the skin and along the tendons. His hands were twisted out of shape. His feet also were affected. He had a cough, which finally killed him, and he expectorated from the lungs these lumps of urate of soda. Ammonium phos. relieved him for awhile.