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Materia Medica by Allen




Suitable for children, especially during dentition.

Sour smell of the whole body; child smells sour, even after washing or bathing (Hep., Mag. c).

Screaming of children with urging and sour stools.

Children cry and toss about all night (Psor.).

Child impatient, desires many things, and cries; dislikes even favorite playthings (Cina, Staph.).

Sweat of scalp, constant, profuse; whether asleep or awake, quiet or in motion, the hair is always wet; may or may not be sour (Cal., Sanic).

Difficult dentition; child restless, irritable, peevish, with pale face and sour smell (Kreos., Cham.).

Desires various kinds of food, but cannot eat them; becomes repugnant.

Colic: < at once by uncovering an arm or leg; WITH VERY SOUR STOOL; < when standing; not > by stool.


Complementary: after Magn. c, when milk disagrees and child has sour odor.

Compare: Cham., Col., Hep., Ipec, Magn. c, Pod., Staph., Sulph.

May be given after abuse of Magnesia, with or without rhubarb, if stools are sour.