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Materia Medica by Allen




Best suited to persons of originally strong constitutions, who have become debilitated by loss of vital fluids, sexual excesses (Cinch.); violent acute diseases; chagrin, or a long succession of moral emotions, as grief, care, disappointed affection.

Ailments: from care, chagrin, grief, sorrow, homesickness (Ign.); sleepy, disposed to weep; night-sweats towards morning.

Pale sickly complexion, eyes sunken and surrounded by blue margins. (Puls.).

Is listless, apathetic; INDIFFERENT TO THE AFFAIRS OF LIFE; PROSTRATED AND STUPEFIED WITH GRIEF, to those things that used to be of most interest, especially if there be debility and emaciation.

Delirium: muttering, unintelligible; lies in a stupor, or a stupid sleep, unconscious of all that is going on around him; when aroused is fully conscious, answers slowly and correctly and relapses into stupor.

In children and young people who grow too rapidly (Cal., Cal. p.); pains in back and limbs as if beaten.

Headache: CRUSHING WEIGHT ON VERTEX, from long lasting grief or exhausted nerves; in occiput and nape; usually from behind forward, < by least motion, noise, especially music, > lying (Bry., Gels., Sil.).

Headache of school girls from eye-strain or overuse of eyes (Cal. p., Nat. m.); of students who are growing too fast.

Patient trembles, legs weak, stumbles easily or makes missteps; weak and indifferent to the affairs of life.

Interstitial inflammation of bones, scrofulous, sycotic, syphilitic, mercurial; periosteum inflamed,, pains burning, tearing, as if scraped with a knife (Rhus); caries, rachitis, but not necrosis; growing pains.

Boring, drawing, digging pains in nerves of extremities; necrosis in stump after amputations (Cepa).

Diarrhoea: PAINLESS; NOT DEBILITATING; WHITE or yellow, watery; from acids, involuntary, with the flatus (Aloe, Nat. m.); choleraic, from fear.

Urine: looks like milk mixed with jelly-like, bloody pieces; decomposes rapidly; PROFUSE URINATION AT NIGHT OF CLEAR, WATERY URINE, which forms a white cloud at once (phosphates in excess, nerve waste).

Onanism; when patient is greatly distressed by the culpability of the act (compare Dios., Staph.).

Emissions: FREQUENT, PROFUSE, DEBILITATING; after coitus; most desire, after; several in one night; ABASHED, SAD, DESPAIR OF CURE (with irresistible tendency to masturbate, Ust.).

Chest: weak from talking or coughing (Stan.) ; in phthisis; nervous from loss of vital fluids, too rapid growth, depressing mental emotions.

Cerebral typhoid or typhus; complete apathy and stupor; takes ho notice, "lies like a log," utterly regardless of surrounding; intestinal hsemorrhage, blood dark.


Compare: Phos., Puls., Pic. ac, Sil.; Mur. ac. in typhoid; Nit. sp. d. in apathetic stupor and delirium.

Phos. ac. acts well before or after Cinch, in colliquative sweats, diarrhoea, debility; after Nux in fainting after a meal.


From mental affections; loss of vital fluids; especially seminal; self abuse; sexual excesses; talking causes weakness in chest ( Stan.).