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Materia Medica by Allen




For light-haired, irresolute persons of a phlegmatic temperament.

Eczema and itching eruptions AFTER VACCINATION.

Hypochondriacal and despondent; indifferent to everything and every one; angry at trifles and perfectly harmless things, but is soon sorry for it.

Toothache: in carious teeth (Kreos.) ; feel elongated, dull pain when biting on them and when touched with tongue, < at night; > with mouth open and drawing in air; roots decay (rev. of Mer.).

Headache, violent after slight vexation; painful on the slightest touch; right sided.

The head is covered with thick, leather-like crust, under which thick and white pus collects here and there; hair is glued and matted together; pus after a time is ichorous, becomes offensive and breeds vermin.

Ulcers with thick, yellowish-white scabs, under which thick, yellow pus collects.

Vesicles appear around the ulcers, itch violently, burn like fire (Hep.) ; shining, fiery-red areola around.

Linen or charpie sticks to the ulcers, they bleed when it is torn away.

Eczema: intolerable itching, < in bed and from touch; copious, serous exudation.

Neuralgic burning pains after zona.

Bones, especially long bones, inflamed, swollen; nightly pains going from above downwards; after abuse of Merc, after venereal diseases; caries, exostoses, tumors soften from within out.

Pain in periosteum of long bones < at night in bed, least touch, in damp weather (Mer., Phyt.).

Child scratches face continuously, which is covered with blood; eruptions moist; itching worse at night; inflammatory redness of face.


Compare : Caust, Guaiac, Phyt., Rhus.


Cold air: cold washing; at night; touch or motion; bad effects of mercury or alcohol.

Epidemics occurring in January and February often call for Mezereum.