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Materia Medica by Allen




Dark complexion, slight, lean, ill-developed, poorly nourished, OVERGROWN; VERY TALL FOR HER AGE (Phos.).

Children: OLD LOOKING, WRINKLED (Abrot.) ; scrofulous or psoric affections; rapid emaciation (Iod.); POST CLIMACTERIC DISEASES OF WOMEN (Lach.).

Haemorrhage diathesis; small wounds bleed freely (Crot, Lach., Phos.) ; flow passive, in epistaxis, haemoptysis, haematuria; in typhoid, followed by great prostration; dark, oozing, after the extraction of a tooth (Ham.).

Roaring and humming in ears, with deafness, before during menses.

Corrosive, foetid, ichorous discharges from mucous membranes; vitality greatly depressed.

Itching, so violent toward evening as to drive one almost wild (itching, without eruption, Dolichos).

Painful dentition; TEETH BEGIN TO DECAY AS SOON AS THEY APPEAR; gums bluish-red, soft, spongy, bleeding, inflamed, scorbutic, ulcerated.

Vomiting: of pregnancy, sweetish water with ptyalism; of cholera, during painful dentition; incessant with cadaverous stool; in malignant affections of stomach.

Severe headache before and during menses (Sep.).

Menses: too early, profuse, protracted; pain during, but < after it; flow on lying down, cease on sitting or walking about; cold drinks relieve menstrual pains; FLOW INTERMITS, at times almost ceasing, then commencing again (Sulph.).

Incontinence of urine; CAN ONLY URINATE WHEN LYING; copious, pale; urging, cannot GET out of bed quick enough (Apis, Petros.); DURING FIRST SLEEP (Sep.), from which child is roused with difficulty.

Smarting and burning during and after micturition (Sulph.).

Leucorrhea acrid, corrosive, offensive: WORSE BETWEEN PERIODS (Bov., Bor.); has the odor of green corn; stiffens like starch, stains the linen yellow.

Lochia: dark, brown, lumpy, offensive, acrid; almost ceases, then freshens up again (Con., Sulph.).

Violent corrosive itching of pudenda and vagina.


Kreosote is followed well by Ars., Phos., Sulph., in cancer and disease of a malignant tendency.

Carbo veg. and Kreosote are inimical.


In the open air, cold weather; when growing cold; from washing or bathing with cold water; rest, especially when lying.


Generally better from warmth.