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The following is a full and almost exact copy of Sepia contained in Classical Homeopathy for Anxiety and Jealousy by Prof. George Vithoulkas. It is placed here so as to show you the quality of the work done by George Vithoulkas.

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Classical Homeopathy for Anxiety and Jealousy


Inky juice of Cuttlefish


  • INDIFFERENCE to loved ones, spiteful, critical of others.
  • STILLNESS of emotions and mind (Detachment).
  • Aversion to family/friends, yet dreads to be alone.
  • Anger and irritability easily produced. Life has no joy.
  • Fear of ghosts, storms, poverty.


  • Affects venous circulation and female pelvic organs.
  • Uterus prolapse on standing, pressure and bearing down as if everything would protrude from pelvis.
  • Symptoms settle in the back.
  • Faints easily- when kneeling, if hot then cold.
  • Headache - pain over the left eye, better motion, worse fasting, menses.
  • Fever blisters about the lips.
  • Falling of hair.
  • Yellowness of face, yellow saddle across upper part of cheeks.


  • Sensitive to COLD AIR, lack of vital heat.
  • Sensation of 'emptiness', all gone feeling, better by eating.
  • BALL SENSATION in inner parts.


  • Amelioration: ' Violent motion, warmth, pressure, hot application, crossing or drawing limbs up, cold drinks, bath, evening, eating.
  • Aggravation: Cold, sexual excesses, pregnancy, morning and evening, kneeling and stooping, fasting, 2 - 4 p.m., 3 - 5 p.m., sea, menses, loss of fluids, left side.

    G.V.: Another remedy in which we don't expect to see jealousy is Sepia. Stasis comes into mind when studying Sepia; stasis which comes because of some action on the dynamic plane. When the two poles of the energy in the body come together and cause a state of non-existence and become neutralised, Sepia in its picture has the idea of stasis.

    On the physical level we find Stasis of the uterus, prolapsus of the uterus. Muscles become weak because of the loss of control by the autonomic nervous system. Sense of fullness in the rectum. Constipation without urging. Empty feeling in the stomach, a kind of gnawing hunger. Aversion to food, even the smell. Constant nausea, worse in the morning (morning sickness during pregnancy).

    She eats and eats and can't get a full feeling. Vessels neither contract nor dilate. Think of Raynaud's disease.

    Sepia has low blood pressure. A paralysis of the vessels, they are not functioning properly. White to red to blue, with the stasis, needs vigorous activity to counteract. Better with vigorous activity, walking fast and long.

    In the emotional state we also have the same idea of stasis. Stillness of emotions. Feeling without emotion. Can't be stimulated to have joy or emotion by any stimulus.

    The emotions that have been stilled refer to the complaints. Affection and the joy of life. Can be so long in that state that she can't remember since when. Life begins running through her when she feels better again.

    Doesn't express jealousy directly. Destroys objects the partner loves
    Sepia will not express jealousy directly. What will it do? It will try to destroy things the other person loves. Whomever or whatever the other person loves. For example: a book. The partner reads a book and finds it fantastic. Suddenly the book disappears. It ended in the fireplace. Or: "I love this song, this CD." Suddenly the CD is destroyed. Sepia doesn't say it directly. Instead, it tries to destroy beloved things. Or it says things it knows the other person is sensitive to. Sepia understands very quickly where someone has his weak points.


    This is a 16 minute-long video from one of Prof Vithoulkas' live courses at Alonissos, where he describes some elements of the Platina essense of materia medica and a cancer case.

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    Immediately finds the weak spot of others, hurts them verbally
    Sepia is hard and cutting, sarcastic, penetrating, has no sense of limits of how far it can go. They don't care if they hurt someone. They are highly intelligent and have a penetrating mind. They can see through people and can remain unattached (pathological detachment). But they are not intentionally malicious. Their detachment makes them very acute observers. If you spend some time with a Sepia person, he or she will detect all your weak points.

    In the books they say Sepia is spiteful. Everyone is spiteful, but Sepia will find the point exactly where you feel the pain, and she will hit you there.

    She will hit you right there if she wants to. This is characteristic for Sepia in general. Sepia will not directly fight or have strong emotions or strong reactions. But it can become angry and irritable easily.

    Sepia is low profile, low key in its expression. The patients will complain that natural emotions that should be there are not there any more. For example, to love your children is a natural emotion, but even that goes away. This situation will come as a result of shocks from traumatic experiences of the emotions. The emotions, mind and sexual instinct all drop, together with the feeling that all the internal organs of the abdomen will fall out.

    All the time there is an internal pressure. They feel that the internal organs will go out so they feel better sitting cross-legged. With this support the intestines feel better. In this state of Sepia, you can say it is a remedy that is pathologically detached from the ones she loves. There is no real attachment. These feelings of love which connect two people are not there.

    So love is a natural feeling, but it contains within itself the possibility of pain. So the most dangerous thing you can do is to love with attachment. That entails the possibility of pain to a very great degree. Sepia understands that and she does not do it. She prefers to sit back and look upon a relationship in a detached manner. Eventually she cannot love anymore.

    Most probably the pathology of Sepia is formed in an individual who has been disappointed. This excitable and sensitive individual came into contact with a certain stress situation, regresses back and collapses into Sepia. It is a collapse of the emotional level, leading to a collapse of all three levels.

    The idea of collapse. The uterus loses its power of contraction. When a woman has an orgasm, normally there is contraction. Sepia cannot have an orgasm.

    Sepia individuals are tired physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be a man who was very active and then becomes less and less active and less and less interested in sex. In women it becomes an aversion to sex. Anything to do with sexual matters makes her feel nauseous.

    If she is married and goes into a Sepia state, she cannot handle it. The husband wants sex and finally she pretends, and it is a torture. I have treated women who pretended for years that they were enjoying sex when actually they had an aversion to sex. Even a caress disturbs them. If some sexual connotation is put into the caress, they are repulsed. If the caress is fatherly, it is acceptable.

    Sepia will usually cry during consultation. She has spells of weeping and all her suffering comes to her mind. In that emotional state, the best thing for her is to isolate herself.