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basic principles homeopathy

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Homeopathy has always maintained that the real information on an individual's health lies within the energy fields generated by the organism that is then expressed as "diseases" that present as signs and symptoms. Every organism is unique in its reactions and differs in its structures of energy fields in the same way that fingerprints are totally unique. Therefore, treatment of each individual should be absolutely focused on that individual and not a mass group. The field of genetics has also recently come to the same conclusion!

In "The Science of Homeopathy", George Vithoulkas has compiled a clear and comprehensive text outlining botHomeopathy, by taking into consideration the totality of symptoms of an organism – in its triple expression in the mental, emotional, and bodily levels – divulges the underlying disturbance in a very precise way so that such a disturbance can be treated with energy medicines very effectively. Whilst homeopathy can cure a lot of chronic conditions, the reader should not get the impression that it can cure everything. It does have its limits. This book was first published in the Greek language and soon became a bestseller for a Greek public that is most conservative in these matters. This success led me to think that such a small informative book could be useful to inform an international public.

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Table of contents:



Homeopathy - basic concepts

The definition of health

Measure of health

Predisposition to disease 


Deciding on a remedy

Violence and sexual deviance

Preventive medicine

Questions and answers

Cases cured with classical homeopathy

Homeopathy, Health and Humanity