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George Vithoulkas challenges the Sceptics! (22.2.2010) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Untitled Document As the sceptics have made a website calling it 10.23 http://www.1023.org.uk/ in order to degrade homeopathy, George Vithoulkas is suggesting to them the following proposal!

I challenge the Sceptics !

Several sceptics in 10:23 anti homeopathy campaign (swallowed in public each one a full bottle of different homeopathic remedies  just to show that there was nothing in them.
I propose to swallow the same content of about 60 tablets but in a different way:
Swallow one tablet every day.
I propose the remedy to be Alumina 200C ( a dilution far beyond the Avogadro number) and I promise them that in the end of 60 days a considerable number of them (up to 10% or more)  will be suffering with slight to severe constipation.
In homeopathy one bottle or one tablet is considered as one dose only. Most probably they knew this?
The first condition for the participants of  this experiment  will be to have a good general state of health and  a normal stool once a day.
The second to be brave enough to continue with the experiment till the end of 60 days and not stop with the first signs of constipation.
Tthe third, to be   honest enough to report the effect.
I promise you that this experiment will  settle the matter once for all. 
You need to find 40 sceptics for this experiment.  
As for the side effect? It will be over within a week or two after stopping the remedy.
If you are real sceptics dare to stay with your convictions and do the experiment publicly!

George Vithoulkas