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Comments of the Students for the Russian Course-2012 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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E.C., Russia: The course was very interesting and useful. Many thanks to the Professor and  Erik! Gratitude also to the Vithoulkas Compass. They were very kind and enthusiastic.

H.C., Russia: Excellent!

I.D., Russia: Wonderful!

Z.B, Estonia: It was very useful for me!

N.S., Russia: Every year George explains better and better, Vithoulkas Compass is really excellent, it helps doctor's practice becomes better. We happy that we see and attend Prof.Vithoulkas. Thank you very much for everything.

O.M., Russia: Excellent, thank you for everything!

I.K., Russia: I like it very much! I understand homeopathy more and more, thanks a lot, George, for such possibility. The lessons of Erik very interesting and helpful. We want more time to share with George-the time passes very quickly during the lessons)

M.B., Germany: I only attended the cases of Prof.Vithoulkas. I consider the level of the course very high. The effect and leasuring for me is very high.   I feel no need to go to any other teachers because here I find practiced truth.

M.L.,USA: I like Erik very much. He is very disciplined in his approach to each case. very good addition to academy. I think that the course has been improved since my first visit in 2002.

N.K., Russia: This course was very useful for me. But I would like to see a better order when the doctors describes the case because the picture of the patient wasn't very clear sometimes.

N.G., Russia: Excellent!

E.K., Russia: Very good!

O.R., Russia:  I am very glad to learn by George Vithoulkas. I come to the IACH for second year and I hope that I will come the next years too.George Vithoulkas is the best!

V.Z., Russia: George-the best teacher ever! But Erik-adequate successor. I am happy to learn Homeopathy in the Academy! I wish good health to dear George!

E.S., Russia: My dream is realized! This course is very nice. I am happy to study correct I will go to Alonissos again. Thank you, dear teacher.

N.B., Ukraine: I am very happy to be here in the beautiful place where the nature helps to study and where one of the best teacher lives. Thank you for the chance!

S.O., Netherlands: The more theoritical approach of Woensel and the cases and insight of Prof.Vithoulkas are a good combination. It was my first time in Alonissos. It won't be my last. Thank you for organising this course!

A.C., Russia: This course is very good! Erik Van Woensel give us clear view as return health to human and show us how to avoid causing damage.They are very skillful transferring Homeopathy in a scientific way. Thank you very much!

E.Z.,Estonia: Very useful, interesting cases. I always enjoy this! 

R.L., Israel: 1. The discussions with Prof.G.Vithoulkas are very good and educating and very essential for my clinic. 2. The office stuff are the best ever! 3. I would be happy if George taught some MM 

O.S., Russia: The course was very interesting. Thank you very much!

S.A. Russia:  All of the information was very useful and interesing. Thank you so much!

J.S.,India: It's full of knowledge for Homeopaths by learning here weget new ideas in Homeopathy that can help us to achieve more. Really, it's worth coming to IACH and learning so many new facts that were uknown to me. I wish to attend more new courses here in the future in order to improve my knowledge in Homeopathy.

S.R., Germany: The course has been again very useful and I learned a lot. Sometimes it was difficult to listen sitting in the back part of the room. Therefore it would be really useful to ask the class in advance to switch off mobile phones.

H.S., Germany: The course was very well structured. It helps a lot that we get the repertorization and Prof.Vithoulkas comments in VC. 

J.C.B, Mexico:  As always very impressed by George's teachings and now I reload my piles of my soul to follow practicing Homeopathy. God bless you now and always. I thank you all Vithoulkas' team for their support and kindness.

L.L., Mexico: This is my first time and I am pleased and grateful to be here and to receive such unique knowledge from Prof.Vithoulkas. As always in every comment and teaching from him there is a lot of wisdom. I thank you also Erik Van Woensel for his big effort and generosity for teaching.

E.K., Hungary: I enjoyed the VC system. Even I am a beginner on the field of Homeopathy I can tell that the way that Prof.Vithoulkas is teaching is fantastic, not only because of his talent but also because of his unique sweet personality. I learnt a lot from the lessons of Erik too, which really helped me a lot on theoritical basis. Wish you all the great success for the future.

T.P., Latvia: The course was wonderful. Thanks for everybody from the Academy. Many thanks also for Erik for the constructive teaching and of course many many thanks for our dear Prof.Vithoulkas.

S.T., Russia: Very,very good!

N.V., Russia: This course has given me a lot of new information for our practice. Thank you

M.S., Russia: A great thank you to Prof.George Vithoulkas and to Erik van Woensel for the courses. I understand much more issues than I did before, and I understand now that the study on Homeopathy never ends.

I.K., Russia: My impression is always very good. Every time I leave with a feeling of great gratitude to Prof.Vithoulkas and to this wonderful country, Greece. Thank you for everything!

L.P., Russia: Great lectures, detailed analysis.

L., Russia: I liked the course a lot, all the lectures were high leveled.Thank you to Prof.Vithoulkas and to Erik and to all the organizers of the course. Great thank you to VC system. 

M., Russia: I am greatful for this amazing lecture!

A.M., Russia: It was my first time in Master Class. The deep analysis of Prof.Vithoulkas completes the structural analyis of Erik.This gives an important motivation to continue practicing Homeopathy.

A.K., Russia: A big thank you for the organization of the course. The schedule program was very convenient. Thank you for the care and the translation. Special thank you to George Vithoulkas, Erik, and all the supporting team.