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M.G., Sweden: The best week here, so far! Good with the change between Erik's theory and Vithoulkas live cases.

K.S., India: I would like to come again and again to learn more and more!

H.I., Austria: Very structured way of teaching, very clear responds! Very well to questions of the students!

M.C., Netherlands: I learned a lot, it is very good to go through the cases step by step and evaluate according to the Levels of Health!

A.F., Austria: Erik is a very good and clear teacher! Very systematic and that helps a lot. George is brilliant as always.It was worth it to come here, as every year!

G.A., France: Major information about case taking and FUs to ameliorate our capacity in approaching and treating, leading the treatment and FU of a case.

S.R., Germany: It's my first time being here and I am really very impressed. I like the cases, the analysis and the fact hat you can make questions! I learned so much! Thank you for the very good organization! The only thing I would improve is to give some handouts of the FUs, because I was not able to write the symptoms so fast.

P.H., Chech Republic: The course is fantastic! Give us more tasks to work during the lunch break!

J.N., Sweden: I would like to have more theory/philosophy about levels of health. Really nice live cases and interesting way of thinking.

A.M.D., The Netherlands: Very inspiring. The lessons were very illustrative for the Levels of Health, it makes it more clear, especially the structure of taking and analyzing the case by Erik. Thank you for this course!

C.S., The Netherlands: It is the first time to Alonissos for me. The ambiance of the Academy and the teaching of Prof.Vithoulkas & Erik's Van Woensel are very inspiring! It gives me great help to run my practice following the laws of cure and levels of health. It is an honor for me to be part of this course and I hope to be here next year as well. Thank you!

M.W., The Netherlands: Very good! The lessons of Erik are very structured. I am very happy with his way of teaching!

H.V.D.B., The Netherlands: I enjoyed the course very much and I learned a lot! It's inspiring to see George treat patients and share his wisdom. Erik's teachings really help to get a grip on difficult cases in daily practice.

G.E.,Holland: Excellent, especially the Levels, so well structured lectures! I like to come back of course for Vithoulkas but also for Erik! Thank you for everything!

A.D., UK: It was great to sense and deepen my knowledge about Levels of Health, I enjoyed very much Erik's, very clear and precise, explanations and as ever, it was a privilege to watch Prof.Vithoulkas. He approaches different pathologies or complex cases with subsequent analysis. I found very valuable information for my to day practice and my patient's management. I deepened the technique, how to find the right remedy and how to differentiate. Many thanks to all at the IACH who contributed to such full of information and learning course!

M.W., The Netherlands: Items excellent! Only a list of coming cases would have been nice, but that was provided later on.

M.E., UK: Informative theory, well explained and interesting cases (both papers and video)

M.R., Sweden: Very inspiring and constructive course. The cases made it much easier to understand the logic behind the levels of health and even a lot more which is necessary knowledge to make a good prescription. I had a great week here!

J.C., Sweden: I like the combination of the cases and the theory, it has been very stimulating!! I have become one step closer to understand how the organism speak, through peculiarities...etc!! I will go home with the feeling of wanting to know more!!:)

Z.S., Lebanon: Very good!

O.K.N., Norway: Very good! I'm also very happy w/Erik Van Woensel's contribution, reinforcing the importance of consistent and methodical approaches to case solving! Something that I need. And also linking all developments for closely to the levels of health!

D.T., India: I learnt about levels of Health -the reason why I am here! For other things, I think each one of us learn Homeopathy on our own way!

M.E.A., Argentina: Very well organized-very respectful with the schedule, very kindly attended. Grateful for the details, the material, the commodities etc.

B.W., Sweden: I am so impressed by Prof.G.Vithoulkas, as you put so much into homeopathy and for your energy. I am impressed by how you use homeopathy through Levels of Health but a bit surprised that so many remedies are excluded through only using one view. I like Erik's way of presenting and going through the cases. The beauty of homeopathy is that there are always more to learn and I have learned more through you both. Thank you both for this lovely course and learning experience.

C.B., France: The teaching was really good, 10/10. Although there were some people who didn't know about Levels of health so it was seemed too difficult for them. Thank you for Erik for being such a good teacher with a lot of patience. We will need more courses, maybe twice per year for Levels of Health. Concerning his scientific view of homeopathy, he has a structured way of thinking makes it really easy to follow. I hope it will improve our levels of prescribing.

L.S., UK: I loved every minute of it! George never ceases to be anything other than inspirational. Erik's dedication to the proper process and his thoroughness is literally awesome.

I was particularly grateful for all the support I received for my many questions from Helen especially, but also from Eusaia and the VithoulkasCompass team. They helped me not just with Compass but also with the many questions of an enthusiastic learner.

J.M., Portugal: I have learned a lot. Very helpful and interesting. Very good cases to learn how to go through a case and find the correct remedy. I always go home very motivated and I want to study more. Erik is a fantastic teacher and Prof.Vithoulkas is extraordinary!

A.C.P., Portugal: I found this course particularly helpful. It was a good idea that Erik made revisions about Levels of Health, it is always very useful.Cases were in general very interesting and George showed once again, how true homeopathy works. VithoulkasCompass seems a very useful tool.

A.W., UK: I have found the course to be instructive and enjoyable as always. I find the teaching of George and Erik goes together very well; complement each other.

A.O., Holland: Excellent! Good training by learning step by step how to manage a case from the long time management! The organization was very good! Overall: This course gives me a lot of energy to study better to become a good homeopath!

P.B., Sweden: Interesting! Very good mix of Erik and G.Vithoulkas. You learn a lot from all the cases, but too much talking during course, too much noise and too much "my case" but although so much knowledge!

J.T., Sweden: Many interesting ideas! I needed more theory about Levels of Health!

E.N.S., Sweden: Erik's lectures were very good, although he could have shortened a couple of cases, otherwise good! Prof.Vithoulkas' lectures were also very good, as usual! It would be good to inform the class not to talk so much during the course and to respect the schedule. Otherwise I am very pleased with the course! Thank you!

C.R.G., Netherlands: My compliments about the course. The lectures of Erik were as usually very clarify. The lectures of George were inspiring!

S.T., Japan: The structure of way of thinking empowers so much! Experineced, moderated teachers. Wonderful and rare environment. Heartful company.

H.K., Netherlands: the course gives a very good explanation about what to do during the treatment and why. Everything is explained well and it's helping me a lot in treatment of my patients.

R.P., Poland: I liked the course very much. It gave me what I was looking for, especially the long-term management of cases. I attended early courses so I was already familiar with Levels of Health.

P. D, Sweden: I am a little bit disappointed. I thought it would be more structured theory, which I think I would have benefited from.

M.P.,Romania/Thailand:Very good quality teachings! Mr Erik Van Woensel- excellent method, knowledge, pedagogic skills! Thank you! For me, he is your best-invited teacher. Prof.Vithoulkas is always an inspiration and great respect for your work, spirit and efforts.