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A.S.T., Romania: I liked it very much. I enjoyed how to treat an acute case and I understood more about the Organon. I liked the teaching.

R.A., Romania: Very good! I found the explanations clear and I think Jorgos gives his best to teach us the science of Homeopathy!

J.K., Russia: Everything was fine. The course was very intensive and interesting, the teaching was great. The only thing-I wish we had one day to rest! Thank you very much!

F.C., Romania: I liked it a lot, very good the idea with the Organon. I like the discussions, the feeling that we put questions, in that way we repeat things and we understand better.

C.S., Canada: I love this course, and love being in beautiful Alonissos! Prof.Kavouras is a great teacher-he pays attention to the energy of the students and he tries to keep us awake and engaged making the course more interesting. I like his stories because they informed me about the experiences fo another Homeopath. I like George's stories too. I was so grateful  for the opportunity to study here and I feel very privileged to be taught by the Master Homeopath himself.

L.O., Romania: The course is the best course I have ever attended until now. The teacher is very good. The course gave us tremendously important information and Dr Kavouras makes every day the things much easier to understand in a very special way. I am very impressed of taking cases with Prof.Vithoulkas.It 's really fascinating, it's a magic moment of every day!

L.M.,Romania: I am very happy that I have the opportunity to attend this course. It opened my mind and my heart very much.I ma very impresse dby the teaching and by the clarity! Thank you, George!

A.B, Russia: It's very important for me to come to IACH once a year to listen from a Master like Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof.J.Kavouras, to improve my knowledge, to see how are the cases taken by Master, to breath the air of Homeopathy. It gives me energy for half a year and the other half I wait for my next visit. I don't follow this course from the beginning and I come when I can-it is very useful to me and my patients. Thank you a lot! Hope to have this opportunity for many further years!

M.P.,Greece: I found the course very good. The teaching was really good, and the teaching material was impressive too. I knew that Prof.Vithoulkas is a great Master in Homeopathy and this was again confirmed in the class. However, I am impressed by the teaching of Dr Kavouras as well. I think he is a great teacher and for me this cooperation of Prof.Vithoulkas and Dr Kavouras is the best choice. I hope that it will continue because the quality of teaching is in a very high level.However, I would like to comment that stronger emphasis should have been given in the subjects of potencies, doses and the repetitions.

D.M., Greece: The course was really very nice and informative and very full of hours and knowledge. I liked very much the way Dr Kavouras organise the course. I prefer the live case in the morning because we are less tired and it is easier to follow. I liked very much the Organon and that the theory was followed by Materia Medica and then theory... it was easier to follow this way and not get tired. I like that Dr Kavouras gives examples, it helps me to remember the remedy. It would be nice to see a recorded case of a patient that has taken a remedy not so well recognized. The live cases are very useful and educative!

C.S., Romania: The course was complete. George was the best, as usual. Jorgos is trying to make all things clear. It is a high standard course, the information are reliable. I want to thank you all of you for this amazing course.

A.R., Romania: The best course I ever followed! Thank you very much! I am grateful! Thank you!

A.P., Romania: This is the best medical course of my life. Every word was very clear explained, with energy and love! I see the human being with different way. What a pity! I got these crucial information so late! Congratulations for the team! Thank you for your existence!

S.S., Turkey: This is the 2nd time I am attending the course. I am very happy because I learned Homeopathy from a very good - actually the best - source. This time I came especially to have the experience of a course by Prof.Vithoulkas lively and I am planning to come also next year.

M.T., Romania: Jorgos Kavouras has a huge role, helping us to get all the information in a proper, correct way...in a very vivid way! The lectures, the case-taking and the analysis are full of life confident! George Vithoulkas is of course Hahnemann of our times and Jorgos Kavouras is a very good lecturer, in born to teach! He has something special, he knows when the class is confused, when to stop etc.The Complete Course has to continue because well trained classical homeopaths have to be born.I am grateful for this course! Thank you

O.O.L., Romania: I love the course! I love Prof.Vithoulkas! I think that everyone who truly wants to learn needs a good professional and a good teacher to be able to perceive the true homeopathy. I like a lot and respect Dr Kavouras because he is an excellent professional in medicine and in homeopathy and because of his generosity. To be a real doctor is not only about studying but also about make your students understand and become human first and then teacher or a doctor. The jokes make me understand better, they stimulate my concentration.

G.G., Romania: Very good course with many new things for me. I like your style of teaching because it's very clear and simple. But the most important thing is the link between allopathic medicine and homeopathy for our practice! Congratulations!

D.T., Romania: very good course, full of clear information, a charismatic teacher, Dr Kavouras, I like very much his methods, maybe the students are posting many unnecessary questions. Thanks for the Organon parts. Overall very good impression! Thank you very much!

O.L.G., Romania: This is a very well thought, programmed and structured. Also the information is really well expressed verbally and practically. The Homeopathy as an alike science cannot be learned, perceived only with the help of a direct relation between the students and the teacher. Every student perceives this course according to his won level, experience and character. After 14 years of practical homeopathy teaching to doctors and students in pharmacology I realized that Prof. Vithoulkas and Dr Jorgos Kavouras are models for each doctor that teaches homeopathy. I thank God for letting me hear these teachers, Prof.G.Vithoulkas & Dr Jorgos Kavouras.

S.C., Romania: This course has offered to me fundamental knowledge and a more deep understanding in Classical Homeopathy. Very complex aspects regarding health and illness and human condition in general was clearly explained complied with cases from personal experience of Prof.Vithoulkas and Dr Kavouras. Both had demonstrated to us that theory and practice in Homeopathy are very strong mixed together and contain each other in every single case. I highly appreciate the efforts of all the team of Prof.Vithoulkas to give us the best conditions of teaching. Thank you.

L.G., Romania: I like the course because it has very complete themes. In my opinion the teacher is very good. The cases are very instructive.

L.C., Romania: It is the best course I 've ever attended, with very high quality of information and of teaching. Very good live cases and very good analysis of themes, very instructive for practicing homeopaths and for beginners. Our beloved Prof.Vithoulkas is the best. I liked the quality of teaching, the information brought our naturally. It is a pleasure to be here and a great opportunity for learning correct homeopathy.

M.M.B, Romania: All information, that Prof. Vithoulkas give us, has priceless value. I also appreciate the patience and clarity with which Prof.Vithoulkas & Dr Kavouras are trying to give us all this information.They're the best teachers. I feel honored to participate in this course.

D.L., Romania: I can say it's a professional enlightenment. It cleared a lot of misunderstandings and gave me more confidence on prescribing. Dr Kavouras did a great job because he put a lot of passion on his teachings, he is answering to all our questions, and he is a very dedicated teacher.

A.M.M., Romania: I liked the course very much. It was very good explained, very clear. Also the combination of video lessons and explanations of the teacher in class was great.

C.I., Romania: Thank God for giving me this chance to study in this Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Thanks to Prof.Vithoulkas and to Prof.Kavouras for the high level of courses, which are given with a lot energy and love! Thank you!

L.P.P, Romania: It is my first course here in Academy. For me it is the best course I ever done. It is clear, with much useful information. I give 10 points to both of our teachers. Thank you for everything.

H.C., Canada: Very-very good. Well organized! The instructor always tries his best to answer all the questions. I explain all the different parts.

D.T., Slovenia: I have come with little, almost no knowledge of homeopathy, but I am leaving much enriched by the experience. In a very short time I have received an in-depth knowledge on the theory and practice of homeopathy that will enable me to start getting my own practical experience with further help from my colleagues at home with whom we regularly meet for repertorization. The teaching process was very well organized. The teacher was very successful in helping us to be focused on the teaching material.

F.C., Italy: I really liked the course and its content. But I would like more homework durig the year-I find that we need more theory and especially cases.

A.K.,Germany: A great privilege to be able to benefit of Prof. Vithoulkas masterly knowledge and teaching. I am very grateful for this opportunity. Dr Kavouras explanations of Materia Medica, Levels of Health based on the videos were clear and helpful. Improvements of the teaching of Dr Kavouras I suggest to incorporate knowledge of manual repertorization as well as electronic. Many thanks to the Master of Homeopathy Prof.G.Vithoulkas anf the kind and helpful team. Hope to be back soon.

M.S., Romania: Well-organized, well presented, very thoroughly conducted course. Very useful explanations. Clear course, good teaching system, in a logical order, helpful examples. Very good lecturer, he was trying to move each one of us to understand, he was answering very kindly every question. Personal involvement in all teaching sessions. I enjoyed very much the time spent during the courses. It was relaxing and I always appreciate the sense of humor of the lecturer.

V.P., Bulgaria: Interesting and dynamic program! I would like to see more daily, practical things.

N.E.P., Bulgaria: I am really satisfied and I am happy to have the possibility to be a student of the Academy, to have the best teacher in the Homeopathy, Prof.Vithoulkas and also Dr J.Kavouras. All my knowledge in Homeopathy is starting to come in order and the understanding of the diseases of the remedies is for me very helpful. I enjoyed all the time in class. Thank you!

T.H., Canada: G.Vithoulkas' case taking is excellent; I learned the most of it! J.Kavouras video moderation was good, good explanations, excellent diagrams. He teaches with enthusiasm and a solid understanding of homeopathy. Some areas of improvement: show more of Vithoulkas' video.

K.G., Germany: Live cases-excellent! George's theory good and good explanations and questions answered! Materia Medica essential! Very good notebook with all remedies would be good for the 3rd year. Eventually more paper-cases. Thanks for the course!

P.L., Romania: I am very content with the way we are taught by J.Kavouras and by Prof.Vithoulkas. Very good explanations, very accurate and educative analysis of the cases. Thank you very much!