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Homeopathic Materia Medica



(Euphorbia Polycarpa) An antidote to snake-poison. Its use also renders the body immune to the influence of the snake venom, and thus as a prophylactic. (INDIGO.)

Compare: THE EUPHORBIAS. EUPHOBIA PROSTATA-(Used by Indians as an infallible remedy against bites of poisonous insects and snakes, especially the rattle-snake). PLUMERIA CELLIMIS Tincture internally and locally every 15 minutes for snake poisoning (Dr. Correa). CEDRON. MICANIA GUACHO, a Brazilian snake cure. SELAGINELLA-(Macerate in milk, locally and internally for bites of snakes and spiders.) Iodium, tincture for rattle snake bites externally and one drop doses every 10 minutes. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE (will abolish the taste of bitter things; SENSE OF TASTE ALTERED; powdered root for snakebite) ; SISYRINCHIUM-Blue-eyed grass-Ten to fifteen drop doses of tincture (rattlesnake bites).