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Materia Medica by Allen




Adapted to highly nervous organisms, especially choleric affections where whole body, or right arm and left leg are affected (left arm and right leg, Agar.).

Constant movement of the legs, arms, trunk, with inability to do anything; twitching and jerking of muscles.

Restlessness, COULD NOT KEEP QUIET IN ANY POSITION; must keep in motion, THOUGH WALKING < ALL SYMPTOMS (rev. of, Rhus, Rula).

Hyperaesthesia: least excitement irritates, followed by languid sadness; extreme, of tips of fingers.

Slight touch along the spine provokes spasmodic pain in chest and cardiac region.

Headache: intense, as if thousands of needles were pricking in the brain.

Abscesses, boils, felons, affected parts of a BLUISH COLOR (Lach.), and ATROCIOUS BURNING PAIN (Anth., Ars.); the AGONY OF A FELON, compelling patient to walk the floor for nights.

Malignant ulcers; carbuncle, anthrax; gangrene.

Symptoms appear periodically.

Headache, neuralgic < by NOISE, TOUCH, STRONG LIGHT, > by rubbing head against the pillow.

At every menstrual nisus, throat, mouth and tongue intolerably dry, especially when sleeping (Nux m.).

Sexual excitement extreme even to mania; spasms of uterus; pruritus vulvae becomes intolerable.


Similar: to, Apis, Crot., Lach., Plat., Mygale, Naja, Ther.


Motion; CONTACT; touch of affected parts; noise; change of weather.


In open air: music; RUBBING AFFECTED PARTS.

Termini of nerves became so irritated and sensitive that some kind of friction was necessary to obtain relief.