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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Nash



It has quite a reputation for arresting paroxysms of epilepsy and resuscitating patients sinking under ANAESTHETICS. It is given here by olfaction. There are various speculations as to how it does this; the most important thing, after all, is that it does it.


We know that it causes and cures tumultuous heart action very similar in appearance to that of GLONOINE. I have cured a very bad case of chronic blushing or flushing of blood to the face on the least excitement, either mental or physical. It was in a young married woman, not near the climacteric, and she had suffered very much for a long time. The cure is permanent and the patient is very grateful, for, as she said, she supposed it was natural and medicine could not help it. Those who CANNOT BLUSH don't need it. This is all the experience I have had with this remedy and I always use it in the 30th.