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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington



or the bone-set, is a popular remedy in malarial districts for chills and fever. In this disease it is indicated by the following symptoms: The chill begins from seven to nine A.M. with thirst. It first appears in the back and is accompanied by aching in the limbs as though every bone in the body were being broken. This is followed by high fever with increase of the aching, and this by sweat which is said by some to be scanty and by others profuse. In some cases, there is a double periodicity; the chill comes in the morning of one day and in the evening of the next.

Eupatorium purpureum has been used for chill beginning in the back. I do not know of any symptoms distinguishing it from Eupatorium perfoliatum. You may also think of Eupatorium perforatum in influenza with hoarseness worse in the morning, and cough with extreme soreness along the trachea and even to the finest ramifications of the bronchial tubes. With this, there will be the ordinary symptoms, aching all through the body, etc.