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Materia Medica by Allen




For the lymphatic constitution.

ABSENT-MINDED, REDUCED POWER OF INSIGHT; cannot recollect; has to read a sentence twice before he can comprehend (Lyc, Phos. ac, Sep.).

"Old sinners," with impotence and gleet; unmarried persons suffering from nervous debility.

Premature old age: melancholy, apathy, mental distraction, self-contempt; arising in young persons from abuse of the sexual powers; from seminal losses.

Complete impotence: relaxation, flaccidity, coldness of genitalia. No sexual power or desire (Calad., Sel.).

Impotence, after frequent attacks of gonorrhoea.

Bad effects from suppressed gonorrhoea (Med.).

Gleet, with absence of sexual desire or erections.

Leucorrhoea; transparent, but staining linen yellow; passes imperceptibly FROM THE VERY RELAXED PARTS.

Deficient secretion or suppression of milk in nursing women (Asaf., Lac c, Lac d.) ; often with great sadness; says she will die.

Complaints of imaginary odor before the nose, as of herring or musk.

Prevents excoriation, from walking.


Calad. and Selen. follow well after Agnus in weakness of sexual organs or impotence.