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(A Coal-tar Product) Vertigo of cerebral origin, cerebellar disease, ataxic symptoms, and chorea, present a field for the homeopathic employment of this drug. PROFOUND WEAKNESS, gone, faint feeling, and despondency. Loss of control of sphincter. Muscular incoordination.

Mental confusion, incoherency, illusions; apathetic. ALTERNATION OF HAPPY, HOPEFUL STATES WITH DEPRESSION AND WEAKNESS. Extreme irritability.

Dropsy, stupid; pain on attempting to raise head. Double vision; heavy look about eyes; tinnitus, aphasia; TONGUE AS IF PARALYZED. EYES BLOODSHOT AND RESTLESS. Vertigo, unable to rise. Double vision; ptosis; tinnitus; dysphagia, difficult speech.

Albuminuria, with casts. Scanty. Pink color. Constant desire to urinate; scanty, brownish red. Haematoporphyrinuria.

Congestion of lungs; stertorous breathing. Sighing dyspnoea.

Ataxic movements, STAGGERING GAIT; cold, weak, trembling; legs seem too heavy. Extreme restlessness; muscular twitchings. Knee-jerks disappear. Stiffness and paralysis of both legs. Anaesthesia of legs.

Fidgety, wakeful, drowsy. Insomnia.

Itching, bluish purpura. Erythema.

TRIONAL; insomnia associated with physical excitement; (vertigo, loss of equilibrium, ataxia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stertorous breathing, cyanosis, tinnitus, hallucinations).

Third trituration. Non-Homeopathic Uses. As a hypnotic. Dose, ten to thirty grains in hot water. Takes about two hours to act.