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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Preface by Boericke

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The generous reception and treatment accorded by the profession to the previous editions of this work rendered the preparation of a new edition a pleasant task. The whole work has practically been rewritten and considerably enlarged. Everything that Dr. Schussler himself has written up to the publication of his latest, the eighteenth edition of his "Abgekurzte Therapie" is included, together with much clinical experience by the homoeopathic profession, account of which is scattered throughout our journals and society transactions. The work is thus as complete as it can be at the present time regarding everything pertaining to the Biochemical treatment of disease and its relation to Homoeopathy.

Our conception of the true place of the Tissue Remedies has separated us more and more with each new edition from that of their distinguished introducer. While we have abided by his first conception, and endeavor to further their development along the lines of Homoeopathy, Schiissler prefers now to look upon the Biochemic method as entirely distinct from Homoeopathy, and as an all-sufficient therapeutic procedure and chemical hygiene. Thus, while he relies solely on the chemico-physiolological facts and theories as guides for the therapeutic application of his remedies, we, accepting and utilizing all these, add thereto the indications derived from provings—the only legitimate and permanent basis for drug selection in disease. On this account, Dr. Schiissler notwithstanding, we believe that careful provings of these remedies in all potencies should be made by our school. To some extent this has been done since the publication of our second edition, notably of Kali Phos., an excellent account of which has been published by prof H. C. Allen, M. D., in the Medical Advance, the salient features of which are included in our account of that remedy.

In conclusion we wish again to thank the friends who have so kindly and disinterestedly helped the preparation of the present volume by furnishing us with clinical material and observations.

William Boericke, MD

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