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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Kali mur
Lancinating, nightly pains from small of back to feet, worse from warmth of bed. Must rise and sit in chair for relief.

Ferrum phos
Congestive or inflammatory, from chill or cold, with pain as if a nail were being driven in. Blinding pain, one-sided, in the head, temples, or over eye, or in the jaw-bone. If this does not suffice, give Calcarea sulph., and note the tongue symptoms. Neuralgia accompanied by flushed face, burning or diffused heat, feeling of weight and pressure. Faceache with febrile symptoms. Tic douloureux. Neuralgia along inner orbit and nose. Neuralgia of the mammary glands. Right-sided pain and morning aggravation seem to be special indications.

Kali phos
Neuralgic pain in any organ, depression, failing of strength, feeling of inability to rise, or to remain up, yet the pain is felt less when standing or walking about. Neuralgia with ill humor, sensitiveness to light and noise, improved or not even felt during pleasant excitement. This remedy is required to tone up the gray nervous substance. Neuralgic pains in the nervous substance threatening paralysis, with a feeling of lameness or numbness. Pains better with gentle motion, worse on rising; pains felt most when quiet or alone. Neuralgic pains and humming in the ears, failure of strength, paroxysms of neuralgic pains with subsequent exhaustion. Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve (see Sciatica). Faceache. Right-sided neuralgias relieved by cold applications. Stitches from upper teeth to ear.



Magnesia phos
Intercostal neuralgia of a drawing, constrictive kind. Spasms from cold without fever. Neuralgia in the head, pains darting and very intense. Neuralgic pains in any part of the body, when the phenomena of sensation are too acute; pain excruciating or spasmodic, pains in the ends of nerve-fibres. Pains aggravated by mastication or any motion. Pains coming on periodically, being very acute, darting, or shooting along the course of the nerve. Neuralgia from exposure to a strong north wind. Spasmodic pains and affections of almost any kind. Neuralgia every night, well during the day. Typical facial neuralgias. A contra-indication for the use of the remedy is amelioration by cold. Warm applications relieve, and especially dry warmth. This remedy is right-sided.

Natrum mur
Neuralgic nerve-pains recurring at certain times, with flow of saliva or involuntary tears. Darting, shooting along the nerve-fibre with these accompaniments. Orbital neuralgia with lachrymation. Irritation of the fifth pair of nerves, also the facial nerve. Faceache with constipation, worse in the morning, from reading, writing and talking, in school girls.

Natrum phos
Facial neuralgia, shooting, stitching pains, soreness of right lower jaw.

Natrum sulph
Attacks of neuralgia from being in damp dwellings, cellars, etc. Tongue thick, yellow, brown coated. Dr. J. T. O'Connor, of New York, reports a cure with this remedy.

Calcarea phos
Neuralgic pains deep-seated in the bones. Shocks like electric sparks. Neuralgia commencing at night, recurring periodically. Pains worse at night and in bad weather. Tics. Neuralgia ani, worse after stool, long-lasting. Pains with sensation of crawling, coldness and numbness.

Calcarea sulph
This remedy occupies a ground between the very acute pains of Magnesia phos. and the paralyzing ones of Kali phos. (more in aged persons, if there be a want of regenerative force for the nervous tissue).


Pain mostly in teeth. Lumbo-abdominal neuralgia. Better from wrapping tip warmly. Obstinate neuralgia caused by dissipation, hard work and close confinement.

Dr. Parenteau in the Societe Francaise d'Homeopathie at the last meeting read a paper as follows:
In 1887, in discussing Ferrum phosphoricum in this society, Dr. Nimier assured us that this remedy finds an application in supra-orbital neuralgia of the right side with a morning aggravation.
At that time I had a young patient of 15 years, an anaemic girl with imperfect menstruation, who, for three months, caused me despair of curing, owing to the tenacity of her affection, which resisted all remedies prescribed.
I, therefore, resolved to give her Ferrum phosphoricum in the 6x potency, and I had the surprise and satisfaction to note that scarcely two days after the administration of the first dose a certain amelioration was produced. Naturally I continued the remedy, and at the end of eight days the amelioration was such that the patient thought herself cured. However, I advised her to continue the treatment for a week longer and then report. She did not come until two months afterward, but the cure was absolute and without relapses.
It is unnecessary to state that whenever I found a supra-orbital neuralgia of the right side, I hastened to give this remedy, but several experiments of this kind having been followed by absolute failure, I was about to believe that my first observation was a simple case of spontaneous cure, when recently I had successively two cases of cure which convinced me that the explanation given by Dr. Nimier was absolutely exact.
In the second case observed, it was not a young girl but a young woman of 27 years, modiste, and who for months had had attacks of right-sided supra-orbital neuralgia with morning aggravations or coinciding with the menstrual periods which were very irregular and with uterine haemorrhages, etc.
After having vainly tried Nux vomica, then Chamomilla, Belladonna, Colocynth, Ignatia, etc., I tried Ferrum phosphoricum.
As in the first case three days had not passed before the patient returned greatly relieved. I continued the remedy in the 6x dilution for eight days, followed by the 12x and the 18x, and at the end of three weeks the cure was complete without relapse.
The third case was similar to the two others, and I believe that I am able to complete the indications furnished by Dr. Nimier.
As he has said Ferrum phosphoricum is useful in supra-orbital neuralgias of the right side with morning aggravation, but it exerts its influence especially on the female sex and notably in young persons. The patients suffer from irregularities in menstruation and often have special uterine troubles with tendency to haemorrhages. From this condition there almost always results persistent cephalalgias and an anaemia, which may be more or less marked, according to the case.
The following from the pen of Dr. C. C. Huff, of Huron, N. D., from vol. i, of the Minn. Medical Monthly, No. 9, illustrates the use of one of these remedies in neuralgia:
"Schussler describes Magnesia phos. as the earthy constituent of muscles and nerves. Dalton says the salts of magnesium have been found to be in larger quantity than those of lime in the muscles. Grant this fact, then, and we have Magnesia phos. acting as a nerve remedy, and any disturbance of the system causing a molecular change in the nutritive elements of this salt would produce the characteristic pains of this remedy. They are described as being of a shooting character, like lightning, drawing and tearing, inclined to move from place to place; they, moreover, assume a periodicity of recurrence, not, however, having any regard for regularity. We likewise find these pains in headache, generally frontal, in faceache, neuralgia of the stomach and bowels, of the ovaries and often in the limbs. Stomach-pains frequently radiate from the umbilicus, and are relieved by pressure (resembling in this respect Coloc, Aloes, Caustic, Nux vom., Iris vers, and Sulphur) and warmth, especially dry heat, best applied by means of an inverted hot plate, lined with flannel. In England the farmers use the remedy with prompt results for flatulent colic in horses. The following is my experience with the remedy, and all my results have been from 12x trituration:
"Case 1. Miss S., set. 24, dark complexion, nervous temperament, clerk. She had been under treatment for facial neuralgia for two weeks previous, the principal remedy being morphia, without relief. On being called to the case, I found the patient much prostrated, the right side of the face and supra-orbital region somewhat swollen, pains very severe, of a crampy, shooting, darting nature. There was also much tenderness over the affected side. The pains were of an intermittent character, and seemed to affect different parts of the head and face on different days. Magnesia phos. cured this case in twelve hours.
"Case 2. Miss B., aet. 22, dark complexion, nervous temperament, slight build, has neuralgia, from exposure to a strong north wind, and was under the so-called 'regular' treatment for three days before I was called, and had taken massive doses of Bromide of potash and Chloral hydrate, with no relief. I found her in bed, almost frantic with pain, flushed face, eyes injected, with a high degree of photophobia; pain was left-sided and involved the supramaxillary portion of the trigeminus. In character the pain was lancinating, crampy, darting and shooting, frequently extorting cries. Magnesia phos. was given and resulted in a speedy recovery.
Case 3. Miss S., ast. 20, brunette, tall and slender, nervo-bilious temperament, occupation topographer. She was taken suddenly with acute pain in right side of the face, the pain involving the supra- and infraorbital region, paroxysmal, of a darting, tearing character. Magnesia phos. cured promptly.
"The above cases have been taken from my notebook and are illustrative of the action of this remedy in neuralgia of the fifth nerve and its branches. I have also cured one case of neuralgia of the stomach where the characteristic pains were present. I have relieved colic in young children with the same remedy when Chamom., Nux vom. and Coloc. had failed."
Case of prosopalgia of several weeks' standing, relieved by warm cotton and aggravated by cold. Magnesia phos. 12x cured in three weeks (Allg. Horn. Zeit., vol. 88, p. 46).
Dr. H. C. Allen reports a case of right facial neuralgia with sharp, quick, spasmodic, lightning-like pains, sensitive to touch, relieved by heat and pressure, accompanied by prostration and night-sweats, cured by Magnesia phos.20° after several other remedies had failed to give permanent relief.
Also, another case cured by the same remedy and potency where the pains were intermittent, darting, lightning-like, suddenly appearing and disappearing, relieved by heat and pressure; at the same time an annoying constipation disappeared.
Prompt curative action of Magnesia phos. by Dr. Goullon: "On April 13th a patient wrote me that for nine days she had been in bed without medical help, suffering from a maddening pain. Through catching cold she got a severe trouble in the ear and then a prosopalgia on the left side, affecting the lower maxillary bone, also the frontal, and involving the whole left side of the head, back to the nape of the neck. She went to an apothecary for Bryon., but he advised Bellad., which didn't help. Deep within the ear an abscess developed, which broke two days ago, discharging pus and now water, which is quite irritating, for it has produced an eruption wherever it touched. The ear still pains; the prosopalgia remains as before. The pain is maddening, and there is high fever with sleeplessness ; she doesn't sleep at night and only one or two hours in the day. She perspires freely, which is unusual with her. Yesterday she had a severe pain in the right hip, resulting from a bath. I was unable to see the patient, as she, at that time, lived at Leipsic, and yet she needed help at once. What should I give her? Silicea? The nightly aggravation would suit this remedy, but the abscess in the ear was gone, yet the facial pain remained. Spigel? There were indications for it, as I already knew she had a tendency to heart trouble. She had formerly had pains in the articulation of the hand, in the arm and side, most severe at the heart. She described it as if the heart would be twisted out, with a throbbing as if something were unwound. Perhaps it was a rheumatism, located in. the face, but even here Spigel. would be called for. Then there is Arnica, which has lately been extolled as a specific. Further, I had some reliance on Stannum, which had cured for me many neuralgias that even the great nerve remedy, Quinine, had left untouched. The embarrass de richesse still increased. Chamom. ought to be given for the unbearable pain. Again there was Mercur. on account of the tendency to sweating, and Arsenic, on account of sleeplessness.
"Yet in preference to all these remedies I selected Schussler's Magnesia phos., moistened a powder of milk sugar with the 6th dilution and directed it to be dissolved in half a wineglassful of water, a teaspoonful to be taken every three hours. On April 17th, I had the satisfaction of reading the following lines: "My hearty thanks for your kind and quick assistance. I had immediate relief, and I am happy and thankful. The horrible pain is gone from my face; the scalp is still sensitive, and one place which is certainly connected with the ear still pains. The ear itself pains somewhat and runs yet.' (Pop. Zeit. f. Horn., XVII, 13 and 14).
Right facial neuralgia, jerking, cutting pain, teeth sensitive worse after going to bed. Merc, gave no relief. Magnesia phos. in water gave prompt relief, and has acted equally well twice since. This remedy given in another case of left-sided neuralgia did no good. It produced, however, profuse sweat, with dread of uncovering. (W. P. Wesselhceft, M. D. From Hg.)
Chas. M., set. 47, has for a week or two a severe tearing, gnawing pain in region of right scapula, extending into the right upper arm, and down the forearm into the thumb, with numbness, particularly of the thumb, but without loss of motion or use of arm. The pain comes in paroxysms, and is only relieved by hard rubbing and pounding of the flesh, troublesome as well daytimes as nights. Has taken several remedies, principally Rhus tox., and had electricity each day for a week or more, without benefit. After taking Calcarea phos.' for a few days, the pain and numbness were much relieved, and being continued, the trouble was cured in about three or four weeks. Any return of it would be at once relieved by this remedy.
A similar case in a young lady, set. 20, was cured by the same remedy, though she had almost complete paralysis of the hand. (C. T. M.)
Neuralgia. Pain supra- and infraorbital, extending to all the front teeth of right side, intermittent, stabbing, nipping, lightning-like and extremely sensitive to touch, relieved by heat and pressure; coming and going suddenly and attended by prostration and night-sweats. Magnesia phos.m promptly gave relief (Med. Advance, Dec, 1889).
A lady of healthy appearance suffered since several weeks with faceache, radiating over one-half of the face, lasting five or six hours. Warm wadding relieves. Worse when body gets cold. Magnesia phos.1', every three hours, removed the pain in three days.
Lady, set. 30, suffered since several weeks with pains in face and teeth, right side, changing.locality. Appears every two or three hours and rushes about like lightning. Magnes. phos.", dose every three hours, relieved in two days.
Lady, set. 42, with a hectic appearance, catamenia scanty, often omitting. Since two years, boring over the right eye, after a few minutes spreading over the whole right side to the lower jaw, driving out of bed. Stool torpid, little appetite. Magnesia phos. overcame all complaints in four days. This remedy regulated the catamenia and all subsequent attacks. (A. Plate, M. D.)
Kali phos." cured a case of neuralgia in the right side of the face, proceeding from hollow teeth, relieved by cold applications. Magnesia phos. given at first did not relieve probably because there was no relief from warmth. Unlike Phosphor, or Kali, but similar to Pulsat. (W. P. Wesselhoeft, M. D.)
Miss Margaret S. suffered from neuralgia, true nerve-fibre pain, darting through her head along the nerves. She had suffered intermittently for three days. Two doses of Magnesia phos. cured her completely. (M. D. W. From Schussler.)
A severe case of neuralgia in the head. The lady had come sixty miles to attend a musical entertainment, and was compelled to go to bed on account of the pain. After suffering for several hours, I was called, and relieved her completely in an hour with Magnesia phos. 6x, a dose every ten minutes. (E. H. H.)
Ada D., a healthy robust child, set. 8. Her only symptom was a severe pain at the lower part of the sacrum, coming on after stool and lasting the entire day, until she goes to bed, when it ceases. The pain is so severe as to prevent her walking or even standing. Calcarea phos. gave immediate relief. (R. T. Cooper, M. D.)
Magnesia phos. relieved a case of ciliary neuralgia involving the left eye extending downwards into neck, with lightning-like pains, relieved by pressure and heat. This case presented a symptom similar to Mezereum, namely, sensation as though a stream of cold air were blowing on the eye. (G. P. Hale, M. D.)
Mr. S., a small, undersized man, with dark complexion, dark hair, and very dark eyes; a hard worker, and not very well nourished. Presented himself at the office, complaining of a very agonizing pain in his face, on the right side, seemingly involving the malar bone. While waiting for me he had a severe paroxysm, and the suffering of the man was intense. He described it as boring, like an auger, and after that came pains that he could not describe, except that they were like shocks. Mag. phos., 30x, was given, and he went to work the next day and has not been troubled since.
Miss C, a tall, slender woman, inclined to angularity; brown hair, and somewhat sallow; unmarried, and about 35 years old. She has a severe attack of neuralgia in the inferior maxillary of the right side, this being very common with her. The face is swollen and very hard; sensitive to the touch, and very susceptible to the cold air. The pain is sharp, darting, piercing, and changing from one part to another; can get some relief from hot, dry applications. I gave her Mag. phos. 30x, and called to see her next day. The pain was all gone, the swelling very much reduced, and a marked improvement was manifest. The treatment was continued, and the external conditions were all removed. She complained of a tooth that gave her some trouble, saying that it was very loose, and when she pressed down on it there was a throbbing sensation, with a sore feeling. The patient was given Silicea cm., and this removed all the remaining trouble, and she has since remained free from all neuralgic attacks.
Mrs. Mc, a slender, delicate looking brunette; very dark hair; married; pregnant four months. While suffering from an attack of influenza she had, as a complication, an attack of right-sided neuralgia, located over the eye, and involving the upper eyelid, which would twitch and quiver when the pain was severe; then lightning-like shocks from the supra-orbital region down into the upper lid very frequent. Mag. phos. 30x relieved this case in a very short time. (Chas. C. Huff, M. D.)
Cases Illustrating the Action of Magnesia Phosphorica as an Anodyne in Neuralgias.

CASE 1. (January 21, 1895)
Miss G., aged 48, keeps a boarding-house, has had much worry lately. Been subject to attacks of neuralgic pains in spine, but had none for two years. After a slight attack of influenza, severe pains developed in lumbar region, down right sciatic nerve, and up spine. Tenderness on pressure, with a numb sensation in affected parts. The pains shift their position, are better by rest, worse at night. Sometimes they seize her in paroxysms, obliging her to call out. Patient is much distressed and in great anxiety about the pains; her pulse is weak and vitality depressed. She was kept in bed for ten days, and treated with Rhus, Actea racemosa, Bryonia and Arsenicum, but without effect. Then Magnesia phosphorica 3x trit. was given, gr. v., night and morning, and at any time if the pains were severe. The pains at once abated, and patient observed that this powder had done her good, and that each dose relieved. She was about again in a few days.

Mrs. X., aged 58, an apparently healthy, vigorous lady till two years ago, when she suffered whilst abroad from vague neuralgic pains about body, which gradually increased until when I saw her in June last they had become very severe, and had greatly reduced her strength. They were much worse at night, affected various nerve tracts, chiefly below the waist. They shifted about; there was tenderness over the affected parts, and finally she got no sleep at night, but walked about weeping and wringing her hands in despair. There was numbness of the toes, and the condition suggested commencing deep-seated spinal mischief. Arsenicum, Quinine and Phosphorus helped the general condition. But nothing touched the pains until Magnesia phosphorica was given. This gave her several good nights' rest, and continued for a time to lull the pains. The patient has now left Bournemouth, and I hear is getting worse. Magnesia phosphorica could not have been expected to cure such a condition, but its effect in temporarily relieving the pain and ensuring sleep was unmistakable, both to the patient and her friends.

Miss F., aged 36, a sufferer from chronic nephritis, which has much improved under treatment. After some mental upset, severe left-sided facial neuralgia set in, radiating from an upper molar, which had given trouble before, from recurrent inflammation of the root The pain was better by warmth and pressure on the affected side, worse by talking. Phosphorus at first removed the pain, but soon lost its effect. Magnesia phosphorica was then given, which greatly relieved. Although the pain recurred occasionally for some days, a few doses of this drug always removed it and no other remedy was required.

Mrs. W., an old lady of 74, in reduced circumstances. She has been under treatment for slight eczema with constipation and stomach pains. These are better. On September 10th, she complained of frantic neuralgia in upper jaw and face. The pain ran down from infraorbital foramen into upper malleolus, and along right molar bone. It was worse at night, relieved by warmth, worse by least cold. The pain was grasping and tickling; had lasted a week. Magnesia phosphorica relieved almost at once, and no other remedy was required.

Mrs B., aged 50. Progressive optic neuritis, from which she is now quite blind. She has been under treatment for two years, and for a time by various remedies the progress of the disease was arrested, and she could read large print until nine months ago. Since then nothing has availed. There has been frequent supra-orbital neuralgia of the right side. The sight of the left eye had been lost before I saw her. This neuralgia was benefited by Act tea racemosa, and when very severe by occasional anti-pyrin powders. In September last the pain returned with great severity. Magnesia phosphorica 3x, 5 grains taken in hot water two or three times a day when the pain was worst, gave immediate relief. A fortnight afterwards she reported the pains had quite left, and this powder had removed far more promptly than anything previously prescribed.

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