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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Ferrum phos
First stage of meningitis, high fever, quick pulse, delirium, etc.

Kali mur
The second remedy, when effusion takes place.

Calcarea phos
The chief remedy in hydrocephalus, acute and chronic. Hydrocephaloid conditions, open fontanelles, flat, depressed, etc. Prevents hydrocephalus in families predisposed thereto. Give a powder of the second trituration morning and evening. When already developed, alternate with Argent, nit.6 (Grauvogl.)

Natrum sulph
Violent head-pains, especially at base of brain and back of neck. Crushing pain, as if base of brain were crushed in a vise, or something gnawing there. After injuries to the head.

Mr. D., from Er., suffered from meningitis, and a prognosis of the attending allopath was designated as at least doubtful, and nothing was prescribed. The case was especially severe, since in his family there was a history of hereditary brain disease, and his nearest male relative had died of it. At the time I was called the patient had been nearly two days in a frightful delirium, that had increased almost to madness. Consciousness "ad disappeared; temperature over 40°. I ordered Ferrum phos. and Kali phos. After a week I found the patient free from fever, still somewhat weak, but subjectively fully recovered. To hasten the convalescence I gave Calc. phos., and eight days later the patient was able to be out and at his calling. (Dr. Quesse.)

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