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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Ferrum phos
Measles in all stages, especially in the initiatory and prodromic, also for the symptoms of inflammatory affections of the chest, eyes or nose, or ears.

Kali mur
For the hoarse cough, for all the glandular swellings and the furred tongue, with white or gray deposit, it is the second remedy. For the after-effects of measles. Diarrhoea, whitish or light-colored, loose stools, white tongue. Deafness from swelling in the throat, etc.

Kali sulph
Suppressed rash, rash suddenly recedes with harsh and dry skin. This remedy will assist the returning of the rash.


Natrum mur
Measles, if there be an excessive secretion of tears or of saliva, as an intercurrent remedy.

Dr. Kock, of Munich, reports: In thirty-five cases of measles which came under my treatment, coryza and bronchial catarrh were very slight in the premonitory stage. Conjunctivitis and intolerance of light along with it were the more prominent symptoms. Within a few days after, the rash appeared, lasting five or six days, and then disappeared. But either during the blush of the rash or the fading of it, painful swelling of one or both glands below the ear set in. The children again became feverish, and were crying and moaning, both day and night. The remedy which I now chose was Ferrum phos., and, according to the violence of the fever, I ordered a spoonful of the solution every hour or two. I gave it at the premonitory stage, and when I saw that it proved very satisfactory, I looked for no other remedy. For the glandular swelling, external redness and painfulness, I used the same medicine, and my cases ended Very satisfactorily. (From Schussler.)

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