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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Magnesia phos
Dr. T. C. Fanning recommended this remedy as the best one we possess to prevent a threatening attack of hay fever from maturing, or to relax the same when it has already set in. If the weather has been sultry, and the patient stuffy during the day, oppressed with short, anxious breathing, the spasm during the night will come unless this remedy be given every hour during the day and through the evening in hot water.

Natrum mur
Hay fever from suppressed intermittents; craving for salt; least exposure to sun brings on violent coryza with sensation of itching in nasal and lachrymal passages.

Itching and tingling in nose and posteriorly at orifice of Eustachian tubes, with violent sneezing and excoriating discharge. Hoarseness, roughness and dryness, with a tickling cough, worse by cold drinks, by speaking and when lying down at night.

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