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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Compare Vomiting.

Ferrum phos
In the chilly stage of gastric fever. Acute gastritis with much pain, swelling, tenderness at the pit of the stomach, especially if vomiting of food occurs. Dyspepsia with flushed, hot face, epigastrium tender to touch. Indigestion with beating or throbbing pain, heat, redness or flushing of the face, or vomiting of undigested food, the tongue being clean. Indigestion from relaxed condition of the muscular walls of the stomach blood vessels, with burning tenderness, flushed face and pain after taking food. Flatulence, belching with taste of food eaten. Stomachache from cold in children, if pressure aggravates the pain. Stomachache from chill with loose evacuations, caused by insufficient absorption of moisture, from a relaxed condition of the villi. Loss of appetite, disgust for milk, after eating, nausea and vomiting of food; the vomited matters are very sour; can not take acids, herrings, meat or coffee and cakes. Sometimes vomits mornings before breakfast; headache, hammering in the forehead and temples so that she fears apoplexy. Copious menstruation every week, with aching in the abdomen and sacrum. Sleep . restless, awful dreams. Does not feel rested in the morning. Cannot bear tight clothing. Thirst for cold water. Desire for some stimulant, brandy, ale, etc. Greasy eructations.

Kali mur
Gastric or bilious derangement, with gray, white-coated or mapped tongue. Dyspepsia; pain or heavy feeling in the right side under the shoulder, especially if fatty food disagrees or eyes look large and projecting. Flatulence, with sluggishness of the liver and gray or white-coated tongue. Gastritis, if caused by taking too hot drinks; give this remedy at once. Second stage of gastritis. Indigestion with white tongue, caused by taking rich or fatty food. Bitter taste. Sick feeling after taking fat; vomiting of opaque mucus. Stomach-ache with constipation.

Kali phos
Excessive hungry feeling or nausea soon after taking food. A nervous disturbance, depression or weakness; "gone feeling." Flatulence with distress about the heart or simply on left side of stomach, weary pain in left side, weakness of heart. Gastritis if it comes too late under treatment, with asthenic conditions. Indigestion with great nervous depression. Stomachache from fright or excitement. Ulcer or cancer of the stomach. Very thirsty; empty gnawing sensation in stomach relieved by eating. Belching of gas tasting bitter and sour. Constant pain at epigastrium in small spot. The Kali phos. patient is more neurasthenic than the Anacardium patient; relapses under Anacardium are due to dietetic errors, under Kali phos. to excitement or worry. (Laird.)

Kali sulph
Chronic catarrh of the stomach, where there is a yellow-coated tongue. Indigestion with characteristic tongue. Dyspepsia, with sensation of pressure as of a load and fulness at the pit of the stomach, with yellow-coated tongue. Sensation of faintness at the pit of the stomach. Indigestion with pain, water gathers in the mouth (after Natrum mur. and Kali mur.), pain in the stomach just above the angle of the crest of the ilium in a line toward the umbilicus, deep within, beside the right hip. Colicky pains in stomach when Magnesia phos. does not give relief.

Magnesia phos
Pains at the pit of the stomach, nipping, griping, with short belching of wind giving no relief, tongue clean. Cramp in the stomach as if a band were tightly laced or drawn around the body. Flatulence with pain, belching gives no relief. Indigestion with spasmodic, crampy pain, clean tongue. Painful constriction of the muscles of the coat of the stomach, together with hot applications. Convulsive hiccough. Marked disposition to regurgitation immediately after eating. "In gastralgia, magic in effect, often stopping a cramping condition of the stomach when all other remedies have failed. Colic of horses." (Duffield.) Patient craves sugar.

Natrum mur
Indigestion with pain and water gathering in the mouth, with vomiting of clear, frothy water, or stringy saliva. Stomachache with much saliva gathering in the mouth; waterbrash, watery fluid coming up in throat, not acid, often accompanied with constipation. Offensive breath. Ravenous hunger. Loss of desire for smoking. Violent thirst. Aversion to bread. Sour taste. Feeling of great weakness and sinking at the pit of the stomach. Red spots on pit of the stomach.

Natrum phos
Acidity, sour risings, excess of lactic acid. Loss of appetite, indigestion felt slightly. On rising in the morning the tongue has a thin, moist coating, a creamy deposit at the back. Flatulence with sour risings. Gastric derangements with symptoms of acidity. Gastric ulceration, pain and indigestion, sour taste in the mouth. Indigestion and severe pain after food, or coming on two hours after, with acid-sour risings. Stomachache when worms are present, accompanied by acid risings. Ulceration of the stomach, pain in one spot after food and sometimes sour rising, loss of appetite, face red and blotched, yet not feverish. Heartburn and acidity, vomiting of dark fluid like coffee-grounds. Waterbrash. Gastric troubles after eating fat food. Natrum phos. causes the fat to become emulsified.

Natrum sulph
Biliousness, excess of bile, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting of bitter fluid, greenish-brown or greenish-gray tongue, or greenish diarrhoea, dark, bilious stools, headache, giddiness and lassitude. Gastric derangements with bitter taste in the morning. Sour eructations, heartburn, copious formation of gas and aggravation from farinaceous food. Flatulence becomes incarcerated in sigmoid flexure and ascending colon, producing violent colic which is relieved by kneading and borborygmus, stitching pains in the liver. (Laird, N. A. J. H., Feb., 1888.) Cannot bear tight clothing around waist.

Calcarea phos
A course of this remedy is useful in gastric fever as an intercurrent. Pain after eating even the smallest quantity of food. Heartburn, soreness of stomach on pressure, great craving for bacon, ham, salted and smoked meats. Bitter taste in morning, with headache. Dyspepsia, with hunger, flatulence and pain in stomach, temporarily relieved by eating and raising wind. "Almost an infallible remedy for excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach." (Foster.) Calc. phos. ix, in water, given half an hour after food, is efficacious in non-assimilation of food. Dyspepsia with much distress temporarily relieved by eating.

Calcarea fluor
Vomiting of undigested food; hiccough from hawking of mucus, weakening and recurring during the day.

Calcarea sulph
Desire for fruit, tea, claret and green sour vegetables. Great thirst and appetite. Nausea with vertigo. While eating roof of mouth sore, burning in the stomach.

Indurations of the pylorus. Chronic dyspepsia, with acid eructations, with heartburn and chilliness. Disgust for meat and warm food. Extreme hunger. Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants.

Mrs. B., aged 58, anaemic, and of nervous temperament has been suffering for over ten years with severe attacks of neuralgia of the stomach. The attacks would last from four to ten hours, and would consist of a series of paroxysms, each of which would last five or ten minutes, with a corresponding interval of rest between.
Her suffering was simply terrible. Up to the time I saw her nothing had been given her but palliative treatment, principally hypodermics of morphine.
When I saw her first she had been suffering for an hour. I at once gave five grains of Mag. phos. 3x, in hot water, and repeated the dose every fifteen minutes. After the third dose the pain abated That attack was conquered. I then prescribed the same remedy in ten-grain doses, after each meal, and after three mild attacks she has had no further trouble for over three years. (B. A. Sonders, M. D., Winterset, O.)
Sudden attacks of deathly sickness at the stomach, coming on at no particular time, even in sleep, and lasting one-half or one hour, appetite poor. Ferrum phos. cured, and appetite became ravenous. (Raue, Rev. Horn. Lit., 1875.)

Mr. M , aged 38 years, had been suffering with his stomach for several days. He had a yellow coated tongue and much fulness and pressure at the pit of the stomach. He could not remember when he did not have pain in the stomach more or less. Hot drinks made him worse, and he never was thirsty. His skin was generally dry and often hot and rough, and abdomen was cold to touch. He had some bronchial irritation. If he got chilled he would have colicky pains in his stomach which would extend into the bowels.
At times he would have bloating of the abdomen. Kali sulph. 3x was given with some directions about his living, and in a few weeks he was well. Not being used to this form of medicine he was greatly surprised when he was relieved. (O. A. Palmer, M. D.)
An officer suffered for a long time from pains in the abdomen, together with pressure and fulness in the stomach and constipation. The tongue was coated with a yellow slime. He had been treated for three weeks by an allopath without any result whatever. The bowels were so constipated that he could only have a passage by taking a strong purgative. Kali sulph. fix, three powders in water, dose every two hours. The result was surprising. The next morning the patient had a natural stool, and the abdominal distress was nearly all gone. In two weeks he was entirely cured, having taken only two powders (Pop. Zeit., Dec, 1885).
A young man with chronic dyspepsia. After trying several remedies without effect, I discovered in the mouth a thin, yellow, Creamy coating on the soft palate. This induced me to give the patient Natrum phos., which cured him in a short space of time. (C. Hg.)
The following is a resume from a case in A. H. Z., '82, p. 51: Woman suffered for five years from dyspepsia. After eating, nausea, vomiting of food; the vomit is so sour that it sets teeth on edge; cannot bear sour things. Vomiting appears in the morning and after eating, accompanied by cephalalgia. Hammering in the forehead and temples so violent that she fears apoplexy. Menstruates every three weeks with profuse flow. Troubled sleep, disturbed by anxious dreams. Feels tired in the morning, and feels so tight in her clothes that she must loosen them. Ferrum phos. three times a day, a dose before meals, cured the case. Many symptoms pointed to Natrum phos., but the totality of the symptoms favored Ferrum Phos.
Notes from letter to Schussler by a doctor in Paderborn (A. H. Z, 1882, p. 102): I recently had a case exactly like the preceding, healed in ten days by Ferrum phos., after I had treated him five weeks in vain with Natrum phos.

A young man complained of an unnatural appetite. He had to eat almost every hour, feeling such an intense craving for food, yet he felt exhausted and languid. There were no secondary symptoms present. The tongue was clean, the urine was not increased, evacuations normal. Kali phos. cured the patient in the course of two days. (From Schussler.)
Farmer B. consulted me for a singular affection. All acid food caused an attack beginning with a strong chill, followed by fever and profuse weakening sweats. Natrum tnur.°. After fourteen days he informed me that the attacks had entirely ceased, and the partaking of acid foods did not cause him the least discomfort. (Dr. Quesse.)
A landed proprietor, set. 44, wrote to me a few weeks ago: "The medicine I have taken very steadily, and for a long time attended strictly to my diet. In spite of this, my trouble is no better; I may almost say it has become worse. The conditions are these: 1. I feel almost constantly a taste as of bile. 2. My tongue is covered with a curdy, bitter coating. 3. During the day, especially after food, I suffer from eructations of gases, which have either a bitter taste or are tasteless. 4. My complexion is rather yellow. 5. The appetite very slight; no thirst. My favorite beverage, beer, is distasteful to me. 6. I incline to shiver, and am somewhat faint. 7. My head is but little involved, but feel a constant pressure over one eye. 8. Stools are normal, but scanty, on account of spare diet. The whole condition discloses that I have bile in the stomach." Thus far the patient's own report. To this I may add that the patient in question had already taken by my orders Nux vom. and Pulsat. He had used the waters of Marienbad the previous summer on the recommendation of another medical man. I sent him now Natrum sulph., with the request to take daily three doses of this powder. The gentleman came six or seven days later to my consulting rooms to thank me for the valuable medicine. "The powder," he said, "has really worked wonders. All my .ailments have disappeared as if by magic, and I feel at last perfectly well." (From Schussler.)
Dr. Mossa, Bamberg, reports: Toward the end of last year I received a letter with the following details, and asking me to forward some medicine: "My boy, a child, set. 7, hitherto healthy and strong, has been suffering from pains in the stomach for some weeks. Latterly he has vomited all his food, sometimes immediately after taking it, and at other times not till during the night. The child has now become very emaciated. Last week he was frequently feverish. This has, however, not returned since taking the medicine our doctor here has given him. The boy complains of much exhaustion." To form a scientific diagnosis of the case on such information was clearly impossible. But, as it was not convenient for me personally to examine the case, I had to do my best with the details furnished. The nature of the abdominal pains pointed to swelling and enlargement of the organs of the viscera, liver, spleen, etc.; also the feverish attacks, probably subdued by quinine, and the vomiting of food, all coincided with my surmise. As to the selection of the medicine, I hesitated considerably, and then decided to give Ferrum phos., twelve powders, one night and morning. The report some time after was very favorable. The fever had not returned; the vomiting of food and pains in the stomach had quite ceased soon after taking the medicine. The little fellow was so much stronger that he attended school again. (From Schussler.)
W. Watson, aet. 40. Ulceration of stomach, vomited all his food, and latterly the egesta had the appearance of coffee-grounds. He had suffered from vomiting and indigestion more or less for fourteen years, had seen many doctors, and taken much medicine without avail. I advised him to take Ferrum phos.' and Natrum phos.', in usual quantities, a table-spoonful every two hours alternately for a fortnight. On his second visit he was free from vomiting, had little pain, and felt greatly better. He continued another ten days with the same remedies, and returned quite well. On making special inquiry if he had nothing troubling him, he said: "No, the only thing I sometimes trouble myself about is thinking, after taking any kind of food, whether it will trouble me, but it never does." His cure has proved permanent, as it is now nearly two years since, and he is keeping well. (M. D. W. From Schussler.)
Patient with troublesome burning in the stomach after eating and continuing until next meal time; pain develops one or two hours after meals; tongue light-gray, no bad taste, no tenderness, bowels regular, stools normal, no thirst, the burning was so troublesome as to keep him awake at night. Natrum phos. cured. (Med. Era.)
Child with indigestion after typhoid fever. Everything soured on his stomach, breath sour, vomited curdled milk, and sour-smelling fluids, green stool, alternating with constipation, was troubled with colic, white-coated tongue and white around mouth, fretful, cross and restless. Natrum phos. cured. (Med. Era.)
An old man, some 60 years of age, came to see me; he had "dyspepsia," the doctors said. Emaciated, pale, swarthy, no appetite, restless, bowels inactive, stools sometimes light-colored and at times costive, tongue thickly coated with a brownish-yellow tinge, bitter taste, conjunctiva 'bluish-white, skin wrinkled and bowels retracted and shrunken, shrivelled, and a pain in the stomach of a burning character after eating; and from the general character of the case, assimilation was greatly at fault. The man had been, and was at the time, taking Argentum in pill form, from a "regular," three doses a day, and had been for a year or more; all to no purpose except to hasten the emaciation. After surveying the situation and taking all conditions, I at once put him on Natrum sulph. 6x, three doses a day before meals, and Kali phos. 6x, as a nerve remedy. These two remedies perfectly cured the "dyspepsia" and all the other troubles, so that in about three weeks he was a well man, the Natrum sulph. correcting all the liver and stomach trouble and the Kali phos. building up the nerve forces. (A. P. Davis, M. D.)

Nausea soon after eating, accompanied by marked drowsiness. Eructations putrid, both to taste and smell. Eructations relieved by nausea. Gnawing pains with fulness in afternoon. These are excellent indications for Kali phos. (Dr. Royal.)


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