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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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See also Meningitis.

Ferrum phos
First stages of inflammatory troubles.

Kali phos
Softening of the brain, early state; if with hydrocephalus, give also Calcarea phos. Softening as a result of the inflammation, insidious in its approach. Concussion of brain. Putrid stools. Sleeplessness and stupor.

Magnesia phos
When convulsive symptoms are present. Troubles of sight remaining after cerebral concussion.

Calcarea phos
Hydrocephalic conditions. Chronic hydrocephalus. Fontanelles remain too long open. Craniotabes.

Calcarea fluor

Natrum sulph
After injuries to the head. Mental troubles following. Intense pain in occipital region.

J. C. Morgan, in the Transactions Pennsylvania Homeopathic Medical Society, 1882, p. 12, reports some cases of brain troubles in children in which convulsive symptoms were prominent, benefited and cured by Magnesia phos."
The following is from an elderly gentleman, Mr. J. M., who had suffered from a prolonged attack of acute and subacute inflammation of the brain. He recovered slowly, but symptoms of softening of the brain set in. He was anxious to give the new remedies a trial. His speech was affected ; he seemed to lose momentary consciousness, could not hurry, though he saw himself in great danger of being run over, or stop walking when dangerously close to the quay, and could not be trusted out alone: "I think it is time I were again informing you that I still continue to improve; indeed, I have little to complain of except occasionally—only occasionally—a feeling of mental stupor, the best remedy for which I have found to be Kali phos., which you recommended to me." (M. D. W., from Schussler.)

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