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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington



Like Veratrum album, SABADILLA is a useful remedy on account of its mental symptoms. It may be used with success in cases of imaginary disease. For example, the patient imagines that she is pregnant when she is merely swollen from flatus ; or, that she has some horrible throat disease which will surely end fatally.

THUJA has the symptom, imagines herself double or treble, or that she is made of glass, and is in constant fear of being touched lest she be broken.

Sabadilla is useful in influenza. There are violent spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation on going into the open air; the throat also is affected, giving you a perfect picture of tonsillitis. The difficulty begins on the left side, and extends to the right; the pain is worse on empty swallowing. Sometimes there is a sensation as of a thread or string in the throat, or else a sense of constriction in the throat as if it was tied by a string.

We may also make use of Sabadilla in worms, when there are nausea and vomiting associated with a peculiar colic as though the bowels were being whirled around like a wheel.