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RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS is more irritating in its action than is the Ranunculus bulbosus. In its action on the skin, it produces a vesicular eruption with thin yellow acrid discharge, something like the Ranunculus bulbosus'. It also develops more markedly, large isolated blisters. When these burst an ulcer is formed, the discharge from which is very acrid, making the surrounding parts sore.

In stomacace and sometimes even in diphtheria or in typhoid fever, you will find Ranunculus sceleratus indicated by the presence of denuded patches on the tongue, the remainder of the organ being coated. Thus we have the condition known as mapped tongue. NATRUM MUR. has this symptom and so have ARSENICUM, RHUS TOX., and TARAXACUM, but none of these remedies have the same amount of burning and rawness that Ranunculus sceleratus has. The acridity of the drug differentiates it from all others.

Like Ranunculus bulbosus the Ranunculus sceleratus may be indicated in ordinary catarrhs with sneezing, fluent coryza, pains in joints, and burning on urination.