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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington


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The preparations of soda are quite similar, both chemically and medicinally, to those of potash, yet this similarity is not such that they may not follow the potash salts. We will see that KALI CARB. is complementary to NATRUM MUR. in some of its symptoms. It seems that the salts of soda are indicated particularly in complaints that arise every summer or in the spring. Hot weather, electric changes in the atmosphere, or the direct rays of the sun give rise to various ailments. For instance, we find NATRUM CARB. useful for chronic headache, traceable to exposure to the rays of the sun. Under NATRUM MUR., we find great debility in summer; the patient feels as though he would faint away when walking in the sun.

The soda salts used in our materia medica are Carbonate of Soda or NATRUM CARB., Chloride of Sodium or NATRUM MUR., Arseniate of Soda or NATRUM ARSENICOSUM, Sulphate of Soda or NATRUM SULPH., Phosphate of Soda or NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM, and BORAX.