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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington


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The large order of Coniferae or cone-bearing plants is the subject for our study today. From this order we obtain the different varieties of pine, hemlock, and spruce from which the different preparations of turpentine have been obtained. The principal remedies of this group, you will see in the schedule on the board. They are the ABIES NIGRA, or black spruce; the SABINA JUNIPERUS, one form of the juniper from which the oil of savin, a well-known remedy for the production of abortion, has been taken ; the PINUS SYLVESTRIS, a variety of the pine; TEREBINTHINA, or turpentine, obtained from many of the pines; PIX LIQUIDA, or pitch ; and THUJA OCIDDENTALIS, the arbor vitae or the tree of life.