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At the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (Germany) Classical Homeopathy has entered into the regular medical training since one year. This belongs to the clinical part of the medical studies, where the student has to choose one subject (like surgery, neurology etc.) which should be very practical and the student has to deepen his knowledge and has to pass an examination. After passing the examination he gets a diploma which he needs to have for the final exams.

Every new term I have to write a Curriculum, which must be signed by the chair-holding Professor of Internal Medicine. He was surprised and impressed about the contents and the scientific approach of Homeopathy – and he is an expert being the President of the German Society for Medical Education.

After the experience of two terms, both the students and I found that there should be more. Therefore I asked the professor if we could do a second course in Homeopathy, one for the clinical and one for the pre-clinical part. He agreed and said it would be good to put a lot of practical things into the lectures, because in this part of the study there is almost only theory.

This means that students of medicine now have the chance to learn Homeopathy in the first part of their study and for most of them it is their first practical experience in medicine at all!

So from the 24th of october 2007 there will be two regular lectures in classical Homeopathy – all together 60 hours- at the University of Erlangen - the first one in Germany - and at the same university where Samuel Hahnemann finished his medical studies.

Jorgos Kavouras , M.D.

August 2007

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