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Pulsatilla is primarily female. 75% of the time. Changeability with softness. A fluid yiedingness. No resistance to a challenge. May be slippery. Difficult to get symptoms. Very tuned in to what you want. (You must be careful to avoid any leading questions with a Pulsatilla patient). They shape themselves around what- ever is presented with force. Strong feelings, but spontaneous. Not a strong sense of self-identity. Pulsatilla moulds herself to what others want. Phosphorus sees how others see her and buys that; Phosphorus is focussed on who she is because of her suggestibility. Phosphorus is suggestible, Pulsatilla is malleable. Pulsatilla is changeable, but basically simple, not complex. Pulsatilla is a river shaped by its surroundings. Phosphorus is a cloud, also changing, but diffusing. Phosphorus has strong imagination. Gullible. Sulphur has a big imagination which is very complex. Pulsatilla can not generalise about how she is because she changes. If someone says she is some way, she does not conjecture that it may be true, she tries to become that way. Sulphur is not changing; proud that he is into everything; always himself in all these things.
This is a 10 minute-long video where Prof George Vithoulkas talks about Pulsatilla during one of his homeopathy courses at Alonissos. In addition, Prof Vithoulkas compares elements of Pulsatilla to the materia medica of other homeopathic remedies, like Natrum Muriaticum, and makes some comments about the "doctrine of signatures" dogma.

You can find more videos by prof G. Vithoulkas on our Homeopathy Video Courses page.

Pulsatilla's ideas are soft ideas. Not definite. Easily changed and shaped. Emotionally easily arousable. Quickly up for it if someone comes to her in a party mood. Physically, dischrges are changeable. No one pattern. Difficult to get modalities from her. Wandering symptoms. Menses changeable. Feminine, voluptous, large lips. Circulatory system easily relaxed and easily aroused. Easy flushing of face. Slow motion is characteristic. Gentle motion is most pleasant. Keeps her out of indolence, but exertion brings out her symptoms from the arousal. Ferrum becomes overexcited and overheated like Pulsatilla, but is tired and anaemic. Sensitive to noise, to the crinkling of paper. Not exciteable. Pulsatilla is aggravated by heat. Acute condition may he worse by cold. Wilts in a warm room. Worse by the sun. She can take the sun if she can walk or bathe frequently to cool off. Pulsatilla has Sweltering heat. Phosphorus may have burning heat. Worse by warm drink (Like Phos.) Likes cold things. Not thirsty. Feet get hot. Must uncover them. Would not tolerate a sauna (Lachesis, Apis). Fear of closed places. Feels like she may suffocate. Ameliorated in cool water, sea shore etc. Intolerent to fat and food that makes her hot. Worse by alcohol, which over-stimulates her nervous system. Averse to fat, averse to pork. Craves or is averse to butter. Worse by changes (Natrum mur. which is closed off is worse in a closed room). Worse at twilight; morning person, wakes at dawn and loves the morning (Phos). Collapses at twilight (Phos). Phosphorus and Pulsatilla can be better at twilight.

Pulsatilla may be strong emotionally, if healthy and the symp- toms are on the physical level. Weeps easily. Relieved by weeping. Pulsatilla is malleable, changeable. (Ignatia has internal conflict; idealistic, world fails them, they become cold and hard). Amelioration by consolation. May weep purposely in order to feel better. May get into a self-pitying state. She draws out your compassion. Relationships are very important. Needs a steadying, anchoring force. Forms a relationship, connects with someone, even a negative person as long as he is forceful. May be promiscuous early in life, but once a family is formed she is loyal.

Earth mother, loves to give and germassage. Sensuous. In a setting where culturally sensuousness is not accepted, she will suppress her desire and suffer from it. She will tell you that she misses it. High sexual desire; sexual physically and emotionally. Not so much through sexual fantasy. (Phosphorus loves the emotional contact, and high fantasy to sex, not so into the physical part.) A soft, well-spoken individual with nice tender feelings. Optimistic/but easily discouraged. Can never be aggressive or cruel. Does not want to impose. Sympathetic toward those close to her. May worry about a member of her family, but does not take on the other's feelings. A flower bending in the wind and looking for a stick to steady it. May become an extreme fanatic. Then she does not have to make a judgement of her own. Takes on someone else's attitude to the extreme. Food patterns may become rigid. Attracted to dogmas, to dogmatic, spiritual communities. Fickle, likely to change from one dogma to another. Can become so inflexible, she is nearly catatonic. Sits like a tree that needs to be watered. Apathy in end stage.