A new model for health and disease

Homeopathy - A new model for health and disease

Read full excerpt, Chapter 5: Definition and measure of health

Valuable information on how to protect your health, from AIDS, cancer, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, chemical drugs, etc. 

Virus transformations as a consequence of pharmacological pollution in the human body/mind ecological system is a compelling hypothesis based on the data presented in George Vithoulka's "A New model for Health and Disease". It strongly underscores the need to focus on an 'energy' medicine to correct the deficiencies of our present 'chemical' medicine.

In this long-awaited ground-breaking treatise, theorist and homeopathic teacher George Vithoulkas presents a new paradigm for modern medicine. Established medicine has failed in its mission to prevent or cure many diseases, Vithoulkas asserts, because of the excessive and often needless use of powerful drugs. Western medicine has a limited view of the total organism and the true sources of disease.

Vithoulkas relates the increasing incidence of AIDS, cancer, asthma, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other difficult-to-control illnesses to the weakening of the immune system from over-prescribing of drugs. Only when we fully integrate the role of the psyche, spirit and emotions into our explanations of illness, he says, well we be able to generate a fuller difinition of health, and change our conception and methods of treatment.

Table of contents:

1. The necessity of a Model
2. The existing situation in medicine
3. Preliminary ideas
4. The energy complex of the human body
The mental-spiritual plane
The emotional-psychic plane
The physical plane
Hierarchical importance within the physical body
5. Definition and measure of health (read full excerpt)
Definition of health for the physical body
Definition of health on the emotional plane
Definition of health on the mental-spiritual plane
Measure of health
6. The relation of the human being with the universe
7. Dissociation of the levels
Somnabulism (sleepwalking)
Surgical anaeshesia
Yogic and religious trances
Chemically induced "dissociation" using hallucinogenic drugs
Apparent death
8. Evolution or degeneration
9. Stimulus or information
10. Saturation
11. The nature of the cause of disease
12. Universal energy-construction of the Model
13. The significance of the planes
14. Predispositions
Hereditary complexes
Inappropriate treatments received
External circumstances that affect thinking
15. The defense system
16. The concept of regeneration-degeneration
17. The direction of disorder

18. The hypothesis about AIDS
Factors that promote degeneration by compromising the immune system
High-risk individuals
Low-risk individuals
Factors promoting the degeneration of the human body
19. Practical suggestions for those who care to protect themselves and others from AIDS
Individual level
Family level
Societal level
National Govermental level
International level

Some pertinent theoretical questions
The deeper reasons for this state of affairs
The need for expanding alternative methods of therapy
The New Centers of Medical Education

A. Suggested research
B. Resources

You can read a short article on AIDS by George Vithoulkas, AIDS and the real cause.